Lamberville During the Battle of Normandy

La Beauconniere During the Battle of Normandy


La Beauconniere is situated within the rural village of Lamberville in the department of La Manche in Lower Normandy.  Lamberville was liberated during Operation Cobra by the 5th Infantry Division (The Red Diamonds) of the U.S. Army.  The battle here in Lamberville took place on and around the 29th July, 1944, and saw many casualties.  The helmet shown on the left, which clearly displays the Red Diamond, was found in 2009 in a hedgerow very close to La Beauconniere.  Upon the liberation of Lamberville, the Red Diamond Infantrymen were engaged in a ferocious engagement known as the Battle of Vidouville, about 4 kilometres away from here.  The following is a link to a list of the names of those brave souls of the Red Diamond who were Killed in Action in and around Lamberville:


You may also wish to read a first-hand account of the action in and around Lamberville in a book written by a veteran: Foot Soldier for Patton: The Story of a Red Diamond Infantryman, pp. 107-109, by Michael Bilder, 2008.


In addition, the old farmhouse at La Beauconniere was used as a safe house by two French Resistance fighters, both local men, who left behind their signatures on a wall, dated Juin 14, 1944, as well as a large cache of live ammo! 

In addition, for another insight into the fighting in and around Lamberville as well as the operations of The Red Diamonds in Normandy generally, the following is a link to an essay written by Capt. Robert Gregorin:,%20Robert%20R%20CPT.pdf

And this link will take you to an essay written by Generalleutnant Richard Shrimpf,  the very highly decorated commander of the German 3rd Paratroop Regiment, pictured below.  Shrimpf also talks about Lamberville:

Richard Schimpf,  Generalleutnant and Kommandeur of the Fallschrim-Jager (paratroopers) Division.
Diploma Engineer, "Fighting of the 3rd Parachute 
Division at the invasion of France, June to August