Book Online

The online booking functionality will appear within the next few days.  (Early september 2019).  In the meantime, please fill out the INQUIRIES form and you will receive a very quick response.

The Tours are priced as follows:

Eight people €1900
Seven people €1675
Six people €1450
Five people €1225
Four people €1000
Three people €750
Two people €550
One person €300

Tour prices include any and all admission fees and a superb packed lunch comprises regional and homemade goodies.

If, for example, you happen to be the first two people to book a tour and the tour subsequently attracts more people, you will receive a refund based upon the rate set for the group number actually taking the tour.  If you are a couple and booked at €550 but the tour ends up with four people at the price of €1000, or €250 per person, €500 per couple, you will receive €50 refund.