Dean's Private D-Day and Normandy Tours


Creating Unforgettable Memories Since 2005

You'll hear stories about the Battle of Normandy that cannot be heard elsewhere.


Who is your guide?

Dean, a Londoner, is a former New York attorney who, along with his wife, Susan, has owned and operated a bed and breakfast in Normandy since 2005.  He is passionate about Normandy and The Battle of Normandy and has designed and conducted D-Day and Battle of Normandy Tours for his guests throughout these years.  In his profound appreciation of the sacrifices made by the Greatest Generation, and in their honour, he and Susan no longer offer bed and breakfast, choosing instead to guide visitors through the complexities of the pivotal Battle for Normandy, and thus for Europe and the world.

What can I expect from my D-Day tour?


Your guided D-Day tour of Normandy will be private.   Dean will endeavour to provide you with the big picture from the planning of Operation Overlord, to the Pathfinders drop into The Cotentin, the 82nd and 101st Airborne drops, the glider operations, key battle sites in the Cotentin/Utah Sector, Rudder's Rangers incredible assault on Pointe du Hoc, and Bloody Omaha from slaughterhouse to ultimate success.

Dean will arrange to meet you at an agreed location and guide you through your chosen tour, whether it be focused upon the involvement of the US Airborne soldiers at Sainte Mere Eglise, La Fiere Bridge, Chef du Pont, Carentan, Bloody Gulch and Graignes; the infantry units on Omaha Beach, the Rangers at Point du Hoc, Easy Company and The Band of Brothers at Brecourt Manor and other important sites.  He will bring the Battle of Normandy to life with countless anecdotes and touching stories that will not fail to move you.  Your tour will also include a superb and extensive Franco-American picnic lunch hand made by Susan and including delicious homemade goodies.  

Enjoy a superb picnic lunch included in your tour.  Al fresco, weather permitting!

When you book your visit to Normandy, do what thousands of others have done and spend your time with Dean.

You'll never regret it.